With over 30 years experience in the roofing business and more than 190,000 homes completed, Westurn Roofing has built a solid reputation based on quality, integrity, and service. We've achieved this by promoting teamwork not only within the company, but also amongst the other subcontractors and builders with whom we work. This attitude enables us to adapt to each customers unique demands. For example, if our delivery crew arrives at a jobsite and the carpenters are still nailing down the sheathing, our people will get up there and help out instead of sitting around waiting or going on to the next job. While our workers are very experienced and can solve almost any roofing problem imaginable, if one of our roofers encounters a problem requiring the attention of another tradesman (such as a mason or carpenter), our men will work with them to try and come up with a solution that will work for everyone. By stressing this teamwork attitude, our jobs seem to go a lot smoother and faster. There are fewer headaches for everyone involved.

Being a roofing company specializing in upper end homes, we are well aware that there are a lot of people depending on us to get the job done on time. We pride ourselves on being able to keep a tight schedule and our larger than average crews working together as a team allow us to get in and out of the jobsite very rapidly. Having radios in all of our vehicles also helps in solving problems quickly and efficiently.

At a time when good quality wood is hard to find, Westurn Roofing is consistently searching for quality products. Our membership in the Cedar Shake And Shingle Bureau and the Western States Roofing Contractor's Association enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Using only top quality products installed by craftsmen who take pride in their work allows us to guarantee in writing all of our work for 10 years.

Westurn Roofing is well aware of the need to replenish our natural resources. We feel it is everyone's responsibility to help keep the environment livable for future generations. It is in this context that Westurn is actively working with the Department of Natural Resources by contributing funds toward the replanting of cedar trees. While we feel because of it's natural beauty, cedar will always be used as a roofing material. We are also expanding more and more into some of the alternative products such as slate, concrete, tile, and laminated composition shingles.

Westurn has 4 major locations serving the northwest and north central United States. They employ, on a full time basis, over 230 experienced craftsmen who are qualified to install not only conventional roofing, but also custom cedar roofs such as staggered, thatched, and staggered-thatched designs. We think that a cedar roof is not simply something to keep the weather out, but a product which can add beauty and elegance to any home. Promoting a teamwork philosophy, quality and pride in our materials and workmanship, and our drive to be the best in the industry are things which have taken us to where we are today. Hopefully, these same qualities will continue to take us far into the future.